Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots

Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots
A collection of wickedly witty stamps for the world we live in today inspired by the art of yesterday

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I've been a bit quiet lately having gone on a smashing holiday with My sister and her Husband and then straight back home and nose deep into the yearly accounts. Every year I swear I'll do it as I go along and every year there are more immediate calls on my time and it becomes a marathon sprint at the end. Maybe next year?

Well here go's for another project, another of my favourite techniques, masking, I love playing around with depth and illusion, so grab you post it notes and give it a go.


Timing   45 minutes

Materials List
Acid Drops & Whatnot Set AD39 Marry It
Acid Drops & Whatnot Set ADFB4 Square Ornamental frames
1 Sheet  A4 white card
5” x 7” folded card
Black card/paper
Pale grey card
Black Memento ink pad
Letraset Pro Markers
Large Post-it note
Zig Millennium pen 03
3 x blue, 1 amber and 1 purple 2mm self adhesive gems
6 x 7mm pale blue square gems, 1 amber teardrop gem (both from Acid Drops)
Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust pens blue XPGB736, rose XPGB721, gold XPGB7703
3mm foam squares

How to create
1.       Take the large frame stamp and stamp onto a piece of white card. Measure 3mm out from each side of the frame and lightly draw a line. Trim to this line, and rub out the pencil marks.
2.         Stamp the smaller woman with bangles image into the middle of frame. Stamp the lady figure again on the post it note, (try to get some of the image over the sticky bit). Cut out accurately leaving a straight line across the left side and bottom edges and lay over the original stamped image on the white card.
3.       Stamp the medium frame over the lady image so the left and bottom edges of the frame are just outside of the post it note. Peel away the post-it note. With the Zig pen, fill in any bits that are missing. Colour in the image with Pro markers. Add a line of shadow around the inside and outside edges of the medium frame with a light coloured Pro marker and a shadow to the right of the figure and the outside of the medium frame with a very pale grey. This helps to add depth to the inside of the frame. Add a pale grey shadow to the inside edges of the large frame.
4.       Cut a piece of white card 3.5 x 2.5cm and stamp the ‘birthday are always’ quote onto it. Cut a piece of white card 4 x 2.5cm and stamp the ‘as long as you don’t’ quote onto it. Layer all 3 stamped panels onto the grey card and trim to leave a very narrow border, repeat onto black card.
5.       Layer the image panel centrally onto the front panel of your card. Layer the first part of the quote onto over the top left of the image panel using 3mm foam pads and the second part to the bottom right, also using foam squares.

6.       To balance the design, add 3 of the pale blue stones in a vertical line to the bottom left of the card and to the top right. Add the amber gems to the image to make the earring. Add a hint of glitter by colouring in her jewellery and hair comb with the jelly roll pens and accent with the remaining 2mm gems