Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots

Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots
A collection of wickedly witty stamps for the world we live in today inspired by the art of yesterday

Friday, 29 May 2015

To celebrate the weekend I'm adding another 2 projects from the ones I designed to go with the free covermount, there are 7 in all and I'll try to get them all out while the magazine is still available to buy at Tesco's. 

Vintage Paper Piecing Card                      
Timing    60 minutes

Materials List
Free Acid Drops & Whatnot cover mount set
6" x 6" square cream card
Core'dinations black / cream cardstock
AD412678 Le suh paper pack Paisley Vine
Cream card
White card
Black card
Black memento ink pad
Black Versafine ink
Letraset Pro Markers
3mm foam square
8 x 2mm pink gems
Tombow glue stick
Paper sanding block

How to Create
1.       Cut piece of black core'dinations card 10cm x 10cm and  using the free Embossing folder cover mount. Sand Gently over the raised black embossed design until the cream colour shows through. Sand edges of the black embossed panel if desired.
2.        Layer this panel onto a piece of cream card and trim to leave a narrow, (2mm,) border on all 4 sides. Layer again onto black card and trim to leave a very narrow, (1mm), even border on all 4 sides.
3.       Cut a piece of the pale pink Le Suh paisley vine paper  14.5cm x 14.5cm. Layer onto black card and leave a narrow, (2mm), border on all 4 sides. layer this down onto the cream card.
4.       Stamp 2 lady in the hat images onto white card using the black Memento ink pad. Clean the stamp. Stamp the same image twice onto the pink paisley vine paper and once onto a sheet of pale yellow paisley paper from the pack, using the black Versafine ink
5.       Colour 1 of the images stamped onto white card using the Letraset Pro Markers. Carefully cut out the uncoloured white image, cut a wavy line across the bottom to soften the edge of the design. From one of the pink images cut the bottom half of the image from the neck down leaving extra paper at the bottom of the image. Glue this layer over the white one, Turn over and trim the bottom edge of the pink paper to match the white one.
6.        From the yellow image cut out the entire head and hat cutting across the shoulder but around the back sleeve.  Layer down over the full image.  From the coloured lady image cut away the back sleeve and the hat, except for the part in the middle, leave extra card at the bottom so that you can turn it over and trim to match the other layers after you have glued it down.
7.       Finally cut the front of the hat, including the long top strip from one of the pink images  and glue this on top, allow to dry. Roll all of the edges gently over a pen or similar curved surface, touch up any edges with a black Pro marker if necessary and apply to the front of the card using 3mm foam squares and add the pink gems to the necklace to ass glamour and hide the joins

TOP TIP           
When paper piecing, to get a convincing looking finish don't skimp on the layers. Think of it as decoupage and you build your colour layers up accordingly one on top of the other. This adds dimension and a more realistic, rounded look.

Matching Dotty Card                        

Timing 30 minutes

Free Acid Drops & Whatnots  cover mount set
2 x A4 white card
Silver Mirri Card
Double sided brown dotty / pink paper
Worn Lipstick  distress ink pad
Tuxedo Black Memento ink pad
3mm foam pad
Baby sponge or cut n dry foam
Manual die cutting machine
1 x 3mm AB gem
How to create
1.       Cut a sheet of A4 white card 29cm x 14.5cm, score and fold in half to make an 14.5 square card. From the remaining sheet cut piece 10cm x 10cm and 4cm x 1.7mm.
2.       From the double sided brown dotty / pink paper cut a piece 14.5cm x  7cmx and a 14.5cm strip featuring a row of white dots.
3.       Take the 10cm square piece of white card and emboss the swirl border onto it using the manual die cutting machine
4.       Take the Worn Lipstick Distress pad and the sponge and swirl ink around the edges and into the corners of the stamped image panel, stopping at the inside edge of the embossed border. Start lightly, using circular movements and try to avoid leaving any hard lines, the embossed border will pick up more ink and appear darker.
5.        Using the  Tuxedo Black ink pad stamp the first part of the greeting into the top right hand corner of the embossed frame and the second part into the bottom left. Stamp the lady with the mirror image centrally into the remaining space. Colour with Promarkers.
6.       Stamp the greeting onto the smaller piece of white card also using the Tuxedo Black Memento pad.
7.       Layer stamped image panel onto the silver Mirri card and trim to leave an even, (3mm), border on all 4 sides. Layer the greeting panel onto the mirri card and trim to leave a narrow, (2mm), border on all 4 sides. Layer the remaining 2 pieces of brown dotty paper onto the silver mirri card and trim to leave a very narrow, (1mm), border on the long edges.
8.       With the fold of the card at the top, layer the larger brown dotty panel vertically onto the card leaving an even distance on both sides. Layer the image panel onto the card about 6mm down from the top edge and the dotty border across the card about the same distance from the bottom of the card. Layer on the remaining greeting panel using 3mm foam squares.
9.       Apply the 3mm AB gem to the lady's ear.

Top Tip
A good rule of thumb when you are designing your card layouts is to break up lots of vertical lines with a horizontal one. This adds interest to the card and draws your eye through your design. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I seem to be on a bit of a computer frenzy at the moment so I'm striking while the iron is hot and posting another of the projects I designed for the free cover mount stamp and embossing folder set out with Simply Cards and Papercrafts in Tesco's at the moment.

Dotty Home Dec Hanging                   

Timing   45 minutes

Free Acid Drops & Whatnots  cover mount set
 A4 sheets of white card
12" x 12" Double sided brown dotty / pink paper
Grey board / mount board
Letraset Pro Markers
3 pink paper distressed flowers, 2 leaves, small white paper rosebud
Pink 3mm ribbon
1 x 3mm ab gem
Fine black liner pen
Paper sanding block
Black Soot Distress pad
Tuxedo Black Memento ink pad
Baby sponge or cut n dry foam
Brown medium gauge craft wire
Tombow glue stick
Paper Drill / Eyelet tool & Hammer

 How to create
1.       Cut a piece of grey board 18.5cm x 12.5cm. Cut 2 pieces of dotty paper  19.5cm x 13.5 cm. Using the Tombow glue stick, apply one of the pieces of dotty paper to the mount board, allow to Dry. Trim off excess paper with a knife and cutting board. Repeat for the other side.
2.       Sand all of the edges, going front to back only, until you have a rounded white edge. Do this to both sides.
3.       Cut a piece of white card 13cm x 8cm. Stamp the woman with mirror image over to the left hand side and the quote to the right hand side using the Tuxedo black Memento pad. Colour with Pro markers.
4.       Cut a piece of the dotty paper 13.5cm x 8.5cm. With the sponge and the Soot Black distress pad lightly buff the edges of the spotty board, the stamped white panel and the pink side of the double sided paper. With your fine black liner pen draw a line around the outside of the image panel, breaking it up with dots if desired.
5.       Layer the white stamped panel onto the pink side of the double sided paper and then down onto the spotty covered board leaving an even border on all sides.  Punch a hole in the top right and left corners of the board.
6.       Take about 1.5m of the brown craft wire, loosely fold in half. To make the heart, cross the ends over and gently fold down until the wire crosses at the bottom. Twist a couple of times to hold wire in shape. Adjust the shape of the heart as needed.  Thread one end of the wire from the back through each hole, bring the excess up to the top of the board and twist the end of the wire back around to fasten, snip of any excess.
7.       Cut 4 lengths of the ribbon long enough to make a good sized bow and tie them around the twisted wire a t the bottom of the heart. Apply the 3 pink flowers and the leaves to the bottom right hand corner and the white rose to the top left hand corner. Apply the AB gem  to the lady's ear.

Top Tip

Sanding the edges of any paper covered board gives it a much more rounded and professional finish camouflaging any rough edges and getting rid of excess paper. Gently buff the edges with ink,  or leave with the distressed paper showing, whichever look you like they both work just as well.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

I think this must be a record of sorts for me, 2 posts in less than a month! As promised here is the first card project. I've selected a project for the free cover mount giverway set that is currently available on the front of this months edition of Simply Cards and Papercrafts available from Tesco stores only, it was also available on last months Simply Home made, again only available in Tesco's.

De-bossed  moonlit Monochrome Card           

Timing  40 minutes

Materials List
Free Acid Drops & Whatnot cover mount set
White 6" square card
Silver mirri card
Mid grey lightly patterned paper
Tuxedo Black Memento ink pad
Black versa colour pigment ink pad
1cm wide red grosgrain ribbon
9 x 2mm round red gems
Hard/firm rubber brayer

How to create
1.       Take a sheet of A4 white card, cut a piece 10cm x 10cm. This next bit can be a bit tricky so practise a couple of times on rough paper first. Take the free cover mount embossing folder and open it up. Cover the the half that has the black printing on the front, (the negative side), with a piece of spare paper. Ink up the brayer with the black verscolour ink pad and gently roll over the bumpy half of the embossing folder, making sure that all the raised areas are covered. Wipe off any ink from the surrounding embossing folder.
2.       Line up the 10cm square of white card with the printed side of the embossing folder, fold shut and emboss through your die cutting machine. You should have a black/grey printed de-bossed pattern on the card.
3.       Stamp the lady in the hat image into the de-bossed frame using the Tuxedo Black Memento pad. Colour the image with Pro Markers, To get the monochrome effect, colour the skin with your usual colours and then use cool grey 1 to 4 to colour in the rest of the image. To add a highlight, colour the bow on the front of the hat with red.
4.       Layer the image panel onto the silver mirri card and trim to leave a narrow, (2mm), border on all 4 sides. Cut a piece of the grey paper 14.5cm x 14.5cm. Add a border of the red grosgrain ribbon across the paper 1.5cm up from the bottom. Trim off any excess and layer the paper onto the front of the card leaving an even border on all 4 sides.
5.       Layer the picture panel onto the top left of the card about 1cm in from the left and down from the top. Layer the wording panel into the bottom right hand corner of the card.

6.       Add the red gems to the necklace of the stamped lady.

Friday, 15 May 2015

It's been a very long time between visits and I had to dust away a lot of cobwebs but here I go again grasping the whole technology nettle. I've started a new Pinterest account and boy is that addictive, I keep veering of course and staring at all the gorgeous vintage clothes out there. I think I'm going to have to add another post-it note to the monitor with FOCUS written on it. Next on the list is to update our flickr account with all the new card samples that I've made over the last few months and getting into a routine with blog postings.

I've tidied up the blog a little, there is a link at the top to my Pinterest boards and also a link on the left that will feed you onto the events page of the website so you can check out our show schedule. I've freshened up the home page on the website and included some card samples and I'm also working on a permanent projects page for the site. I can see my new computer is going to be red hot and my eye's square, not to mention a certain, already over endowed, part of my anatomy spreading from all the time spent welded to my office chair. Gym anyone!

I'll leave you with a couple of card samples from our new range of stamps and will be posting step by step instructions as soon as I have them written and a reminder that we have a stamp and embossing folder kit as a free give away on the front of this months Simply Homemade available only at Tesco Stores.