Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots

Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots
A collection of wickedly witty stamps for the world we live in today inspired by the art of yesterday

Monday, 17 December 2012

Coughing Christmas & Craft Shows

I have to apologise for being a little quiet lately, well, quiet online that is, I'm pretty sure the neighbours are getting up a collection to buy me an industrial sized vat of of cough Syrup. I've succumbed to the dreaded bug that's going round and have spent the last 7 days coughing around the clock.  I have found I definitely need more than an hours sleep a night to function. After 7 nights of back to back Dog The bounty Hunter and those fly on the wall police documentaries, I finally nerved up, tissued up and ventured out to Asda today as my fish finger supply had dried up.

I have added the dates of the first 3 craft shows we are exhibiting at on the events page of the website and I have also created an events page on the facebook page, just look for the smaller picture of us on the header and it will list the first of the shows. I had hoped by know to have tidied the devastation I have wrought in the dining room with all my craft tools and papers and projects from classes that never seem to get put away before I add another layer on top but that has gone the way of all good intentions and I've not done any more of my online classes yet, although I did get 100% for my second effort. I've really got to get myself together now and get on with it.

How close are you all to being ready for Christmas, are you super efficient and everything's done or are you like me and hope if you don't think about it, it might all go away?