Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots

Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots
A collection of wickedly witty stamps for the world we live in today inspired by the art of yesterday

Monday, 25 February 2013

Set up at Stamperama

I think I've just about recovered from my first solo show at Stamperama yesterday, although I think I left my knees behind. I definitely need to get to the gym more and toughen up a bit. I had a great show met some lovely new people and some of our internet customers and caught up with  fellow stall holders I haven't seen for a while, some of whom took pity on me and minded the stall will I had a much needed bathroom break!  

Unloading the car was the worst bit as it was quite a walk and I only have a little trolley, I kept telling myself it was a good cardio workout and that as a woman it was my duty to multi task but somehow I think my knees and lungs failed to appreciate the opportunity. 

The backboards were fun to put together as I forgot to bring a step stool and I'm only a stumpy, (though wide), little thing, again, a good stretching session is good after a tough workout. My back has now joined my knees in not appreciating said opportunity.

 3 Hours later, car unloaded  cloths on, stands built, backboards displayed and  stock counted.

I managed to reverse operation in half the time on Sunday night and fighting my way through the never ending road works on the M25, wend my weary way home to bed. Harrogate in a couple of weeks, (16/17 March) bring it on!