Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots

Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots
A collection of wickedly witty stamps for the world we live in today inspired by the art of yesterday

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hello everybody, 
I'm playing truant on Monday and going off to film a piece for Mills & Boon / channel 4. I'm quite excited as it's been 21 years since I appeared on telly and this time I get to wear my own clothes and say my own lines, yaaaa no peasant rags, corsets or other such nasties! If any if you read Mills & Boon or any other romance and fancy coming along, meet Sharon Kendrick a top selling M&B author and discuss why you like romances, it would be great to have some company. Channel 4 will pay your travelling costs and even give you lunch!

So why not start the year off with a new experience and come and join me? You can ring me on 01245 329 070 or 07780 325 004 or even reply to this post. Filming will be in London

The picture above, is very very old and is your's truly when I started out in acting. It was taken around 28 years ago when I started a cabaret group called Bella Donna and we sung old time music hall in pubs etc in the East End of London. That was a terrible wig, but what I think is worse, is that I still have it knocking around somewhere. The costume I made myself, as I did all of our costumes including a pair of big white bloomers with black hand prints on the back. Oh Yes the good old days, knees that worked, and a figure that hadn't headed south. I'll have a look to see if I can find any other pictures of my misspent youth hanging around. There was a really awful clip on you tube of a sketch I did with Hale & Pace, maybe I'll try and find it one day when I'm feeling stronger, a builders smile, tattoo and a dirty vest, the very height of urban chic!