Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots

Welcome to the world of Acid Drops & Whatnots
A collection of wickedly witty stamps for the world we live in today inspired by the art of yesterday

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Yaaaaa, Our first magazine project hits the shelves

Creative Stamping issue 8 hit the news stands today and with it our first project feature. I had great fun working on the designs and even more fun seeing it n print in my own hot sweaty little hands. One day I'll have to grow up, I know, but maybe not just yet.

The projects feature Algenon,  Hennrietta, Herbert, (the ever Hopeful), Albert, (fondly known as Nudie Norman), and the slightly careworn Abbigail.

The projects are quick, simple and graphic and don't need a lot of fancy papers or embellishments to complete them , just simple layering and basic colouring. We are scheduled to do some more projects in the coming months so keep checking back for more details.

Despite what it looks like, I haven't given all of my characters names yet, (I'm pretty sure there should be an apostrophe in there somewhere but it's been a long day),  so in future blogs I'm going to ask you to get your thinking caps on.